Bundesliga three strong position on the Confederations Cup no interest

23. března 2017 v 6:59
From the top three of the Bundesliga Madden Coins recently said that they are for this summer will be held in Russia, the association cup interest is not.

In an interview, Dortmund CEO Vetsk said: "I can understand this one cup is ready for next year's World Cup, but from an athletic point of view, I think the value is very low, it is difficult for someone to this Interested in. "

"I think this is a completely superfluous event," he told Haider.

"All of us think that there is no longer a federation cup," Rummenigge said.

The club's consideration is that the Confederations Cup will allow the team to play for a whole season in the summer can not rest, and there is the risk of injury, therefore, as the national team coach Loew must be in the club's staff choice to make trade-offs.

"I think Loew has enough wisdom to solve the problem of finding a balance," he said.

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