Mirror reporter: boo Milner said Manchester City fans are too forgetful

20. března 2017 v 6:58
"Mirror" reporter David McDonald believes Madden 17 Coins that Manchester City fans booed Milner is a forgetful performance.

The midfielder left Manchester City two years ago to switch to Liverpool, and on Sunday the two teams meet the occasion of the occasion, the blue moon fans do not read the old situation, mad boo Milner. David MacDonald has something to say.

He wrote in the column: "Manchester City fans are too forgetful. Not long ago, Milner is one of the most efficient and reliable players in their team, one can do a lot of position, ready to pay all the players. The effectiveness of Manchester City has never been controversial, he is one of the team's most responsible players to help the team forward is his career recurrence of the scene.Milner in Manchester City twice won the league title and FA Cup, League Cup Have played a role in the 5 years time, he played for them 201 times.

"He turned to Liverpool just because the contract expired, and he wanted to get more playing time, which he could not get in Manchester City, and in Manchester, he gradually turned to a full-time substitute to fill the vacancy when needed."

"But in Sunday's game, Manchester City fans chose to attack Milner, when he each time when the ball reported to boo. This approach seems to be the Liverpool fans mocked Stirling's response, but Stirling left Liverpool provoked the clouds, he forced the team to sell their own, angered the Red Army fans, was accused of 'snakes' and money tools.

"But this accusation is always with Milner is not detached, in the materialistic modern football, he has always been diligent, nothing to fight.Compared to boo Milner, Manchester City fans should be on their own left guard Krishna was angry , He proved why his contract is about to expire but not the new contract.

"Milner, who has been in the midfield as a career, has now played a left back, but he looks far more reliable than Clichy, and his defense is more reliable and safer, and it's still in the whole game Manchester City fans attack the case, these fans is the past praise his dedication, professional ethics.

"Milner scored the game has never been lost, the score for the 37 wins and 10 level, the game he hit the ball hit, and Aguero will score tied.Mancheng is still struggling in the Champions League game was eliminated by Monaco, this year Summer is also facing the reconstruction of the defense.Now they need most is the Milner so reliable, can be competent for multiple positions of the players.

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