Sonia: Ranieri under the injustice, blue fox players will once again fall from the peak

15. března 2017 v 7:03
Champions League 1/8 finals, Leicester MyNBA2K17 RP City surprisingly eliminated rival Sevilla, into the Champions League quarterfinals. However, in the England football star Sonnez seems, this just shows Ranieri's get out of class things out of the way, and he also believes that Leicester City players sooner or later one day will fall from the peak.

"Last season they won the Premier League championship if they were the head coach and led the team to win the league title, and last season you will have a big change to the team," he said. If not, why would Ranieri do it again? He can do the same as the last season, the same training, the same to prepare for the same way out to play away, in short, everything is kept as it is That's it. "

"But the truth is that the beginning of the season, some of their players suddenly felt, 'We are heavyweight players, we are champions!' They lost their motivation, but comfortable lying on the credit book. As head coach, pull What should he do with Nerie? He had to point out the problem, but then he had a disagreement with two or three influential players. Suddenly, he was dismissed by most people in the locker room. Such."

"Now, the players are celebrating the victory, they think they are back, they are star players, but I think they will certainly fall again from the top down because they have done so once, but also in the Do once again, they will let you again disappointed.

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