Villati in the social platform to accept the team reported that apology, said it would not leave grudges

28. března 2017 v 5:54
In Paris, Saint Germain in the Champions (you can find at Madden Coins) League was Barcelona out, the French media "team newspaper" has reported that the Paris players Villati and Matuyidi two days before the game to the nightclub carnival. After witnesses confirmed that the content of this report is wrong, "team newspaper" and therefore apologize to Villati.

Villati in the Instagram with the "team" apology of the picture, and with the text: "accept the apology, not bitterly."

In a statement, the "team newspaper" wrote: "In the March 10" team newspaper "paper version and online version of the content appeared on the Paris players Villati and Matuidi visit nightclub is not real We have confirmed that this information comes from a malicious external source of information, and we hereby apologize to Mr. Villati and Mr Mathuyad, as well as to the Paris Saint Germain Club.

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