Waldie: I was threatened with death because of Ranieri's get out of class

21. března 2017 v 5:00
Leicester City striker Waldie said, since the team NHL 17 Coins coach Ranieri get out of class, he has been several times the threat of death.

Ranieri last season led the city of Leicester to win the magic, but this season the team record was in the doldrums, the club finally decided to dismiss the top of the meritorious coach. Waldie was seen as the culprit of the rebels in the locker room, but he denied it.

He said: "The story is placed there, people choose to believe, and then slander, and then someone sent you a death threat, the object includes your family, children, everything. I try to face this situation, but When someone tried to stop your wife, and she was driving alone, and our children were sitting in the back of the car, it was obviously not the most beautiful situation, and this kind of thing has happened many times, it is too scary ""

Waldie revealed that he was threatened by several deaths, but he stressed that Leicester City players and Ranieri and no contradiction. Basically, if there is a problem, then you will go to the coaching office to make things clear directly, the man is like a man, or you explain the problem on the tactical board, because he likes you to express your opinion directly "

"It was clear that the meeting led to the get out of class, and I saw a story saying that the players had been directly involved in the match with Sevilla. It was absolutely chaotic and they said I was involved in that meeting but actually played After three hours of waiting for the doping check, the story was so hurt that the players were impressed by many wrong allegations, and as a player we could not be involved in such a thing.

Waldie admitted that the players did not publicly support Ranieri is a strange thing. He said: "I understand what you mean, but the personal point of view, my Twitter (destined) is the direct medium, but many times I want to write something, but can not find the right vocabulary.You do not know the After the game I had wanted to write something, but we would have to set foot on the journey back from Sevilla, the plane was delayed, the plane arrived, and then went home directly. The children were taking a bath and I went straight bed."

"It's hard not to misunderstand what Ranieri has done for Leicester City is incredible, and people think that we win the Premier League title will be millions of years later, and we are only grateful to him. The progress of the season is not smooth, the players will not be fired, the error will always be attributed to the coach, and this is what happened later we are very guilty of this.

In the last season to help the team win, there was news that some people want to make the story of Waldie into a movie, but Waldie admitted that there is no follow-up news. When the reporter threw the question to him, he asked the reporter: "Do you want to tell me."

"I'm going to be insulted in any of the stadiums, and you will always hear from the fans that it is football," he said, "and his reputation has been greatly hit by Ranieri's get out of class," he said. I was unable to explain why I was being treated, but that was part of the game. I was unable to explain the reason for this treatment, but that was part of the game. I do not feel angry about it, I have no problem with that.

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