Wegel: I have received some quotes, but I would like to stay long Dortmund

24. března 2017 v 4:46

Dortmund midfielder Wegel said he was willing to Buy NHL 17 Coins work for Dortmund for a long time.

In an interview, Wegel said: "My agent has told me some quotes and some interested in the team, but it does not make sense for us, because the transfer is too early, in addition, I can imagine Long stay Dortmund, because I feel very important here, the team in progress, the next few years we will be successful, young people can get more and more experience opportunities.

For Tuller, Wegel said: "He gave me a lot of confidence and playing time, I almost field does not fall, but he is also a very strict person, so I must first learn how to handle it all, he Want to maximize the energy of everyone. "

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