Wharton: Zubac's performance tonight is really great

14. března 2017 v 9:21
Lakers today lost 101-129 away to the Nuggets, Lakers coach Luke - Wharton after the game accepted the media interview.

"I can not have a thing like that, and I'll send a message to the team and hope they're listening," Wharton said.

Lakers rookie center Ivica - Zubac played 30 minutes today, 15 of 12 shots, 25 points and 11 rebounds and 1 assists, 25 points to refresh Zubac's personal career single-game scoring record.

Wharton said: "Zubac tonight's performance is really great, he is great."

In today's game, Wharton let Jordan - Clarkson first played, Wharton said after the game because the team played without competitiveness, so he did not see him let Clarkson start when he wanted to see That kind of performance.

Today's game is the Lakers back to back game of the second field, Wharton that the players in the field performance is a bit tired.

"Young players should not be tired, they should be excited about the play, which is frustrating place," Wharton said.

Wharton finally said: "This is a game we did not make progress, we can not afford no progress.

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