Century stars grow together to sweep Union Award

28. dubna 2017 v 5:13
2005 18-year-old Crosby and 20-year-old Ovidijin also set (click HUT 17 Coins) foot on the NHL stage, and began their first honor of the race, reward to the best rookie of the Corte trophy. Crosby and Ovidijin did not let the fans down, two people finally in the scoring list of the top ten, Crosby in 81 games to get 102 points, Ovidijin revenge before the World Youth Game of the defeat, got 106 points, received the title of the best rookie. Two people on the team is savior in general, with the pound after the penguin in that year's August ticket sales over the previous season of the season, and in the Ovidijin came to the capital after the ball Tickets and jerseys sales are rising in a straight line, when the capital of GM who said Ovidi gold capital in the history of the most fortunate thing. Since then, the days of Crosby and Ovidijin have come to an end, and when they have reached their first all-star game, they have become the two brightest stars in the league. Start two people each year will be the scoring king's At-Ross trophy, the goal of the king's rocket - Richard Trophy and MVP Hart trophy competitors.
Crosby's first Athe-Ross trophy came from 2007, and that year he scored 78 goals in 84 games with 84 assists for 120 points and became the first and only one in North American sports history Less than 20 years old scoring, he also swept the MVP and trade union MVP. That year the playoffs young Crosby and his penguin first experienced the playoffs and war, despite being defeated by the Ottawa senators in the first round, but they learned their valuable experience.
And Ovidijin is not far behind, in 2008 he got his Grand Slam, with 112 points to win the scoring, MVP and union MVP and with scored incredible 65 goals, take To the best striker did not have the title, the title of the king. By the 2007-08 season, two people had established their identity as the top players of the league, but for the two players of the era of the definition of these awards is not enough, their goal is the Stanley Cup, and beat The other party to become the first person in the league, Crowthby led his teammates Ye Pu Gui - Malkin, Jordan - Stahl and Sergei - Chal Chal in the playoffs all the way through all the way to the finals, although Lost to the Detroit Red Wings in the finals, but it was incredible for the young Crosby. But for (for more info about NHL 17 Coins click https://www.lolga.com/ut-nhl-17/ut-nhl-17-coins) Ovidijin, he did not experience this playoff in the same period, he and his capital team in the first round of hard work but eventually lost to the dark horse Philadelphia, in the first One round was regretted out, the Russian czar's playoff nightmare from the curtain opened.

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