Royce: and Monaco's promotion probability for fifty-five open

19. dubna 2017 v 5:20

Local time on Wednesday, Dortmund is (visit Buy FIFA 18 Coins) about to usher away with the Monaco Champions League second round match, Tuesday Dortmund has arrived in Monaco, before Royce attended the press conference.

"Although the first leg lost the game, but the probability of entering the next round is fifty-five open.We have to believe that the first round of the game is lost," said Dortmund in the first leg of the game 2-3 home opponents, at the press release Royce said: Yourself. "

"I tried to help the young players after the bombing and asked if they were willing to talk about it," said Royce, referring to the first round of the Dortmund bus. "We will be united in the next game. Tomorrow show our ability, we will be fully prepared. "

"In the Champions League if only playing 60 minutes of the ball is not enough, must be in 90 minutes have come up with a high level of performance.Every player to show this point.

"I hope this season will be very intense, hope we have a lot of games to play." I am now in good physical condition, I am very pleased to be able to re-help the team. I am in my own physical condition, Royce said: The training was good, before playing against Frankfurt for 45 minutes, which is to regain the rhythm of the game is very important.

"We have often played against the excellent team before the offense, they will give us problems, but we also know how to deal with. We can in a game scored 2-3 goals, we hope to achieve tomorrow We believe in ourselves. "

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