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Old: hope that Real Madrid goals to help Barcelona win

20. května 2017 v 4:38

La Liga final round of Real Madrid (click FIFA 17 Coins) will be away against Malaga, as long as the loss of Galaxy warships can win the La Liga champion, the effectiveness of Malaga's old club Sandro said, hoping to use the goal to help Barcelona against the attack.
22-year-old Sandro this season in Malaga outstanding performance, he also by Atletico, Sevilla, Villarreal, Everton and other team's attention. In the previous club against Barcelona, ​​he also scored a goal.
When it comes to Malaga and Real Madrid, Sandro said: "I hope I can score to help Barcelona won the La Liga championship, because I have everything is Barcelona to me, so I hope Barcelona win, It 's all what I owe the club.
"After seven years in Las Palmas, Barcelona took me away, and I had a chance to go to Madrid, but Barcelona appreciated me more, and my father and I liked Barcelona.
In the previous goal against Barcelona, ​​Sandro had chosen to celebrate, which led him to a lot of infamy, Suarez more scolded him in the game, which Sandro explained: "I accept all the accusations, and no It 's so excited about the scoring, but I'm a Malaga player, and I want to do all for Malaga.

Milan right back to reinforce the new goal

19. května 2017 v 4:22
Chinese businessman Li Yonghong acquired (visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins) Milan, the red and black army on the signings of the news also more up, a few days ago, the Italian media "Gazzetta dello Sport" gives the current high-level Milan brand next season, the main lineup, Mora, Mu Sarkio and other players are in the array. According to the Italian media "Italian football" the latest news, in the right back position, the Red Army took a fancy to this summer to leave Manchester City of Sabaleta, while Atlanta's right back Conte is very interested, it is worth mentioning Yes, Conti also received attention from Naples, Inter, Chelsea and Bayern.
Milan's right back there are Abate, Calabria two, and Desilio can also play this position, but Delixilio after the end of the season will be very likely to leave Milan to join Juventus, and Abate is currently injured In the body, and older, Calabria, although young and energetic, but its strength is not the team's high-level recognition, not only that, in the near future, the Turin will sign the news of Calabria The Therefore, Milan in the summer to find a right back is one of the preferred choice.
Manchester City right back Sabaleta in the previous few days has been announced after the end of the season to leave the team, although not reused in Manchester City, but the veteran has been the attention of many teams, and Milan is one of them. Sabaleta's defensive ability is excellent, and active, but also have some assists, more importantly, Sabaleta competition experience, which is Milan's fancy.
In addition to Sabaleta, the right defender from the Atlanta has also become the goal of Milan, the player can play right back and right midfield two positions, 23-year-old he showed amazing ability this season, the current Scored eight Serie A goals this season, and four assists.
It is reported that Milan has been linked with the Conti, and for its out of 17 million euros offer, but the offer can not convince Atlanta release, Atlanta has given the psychological price of 20 million euros. In addition to Milan, Chelsea, Inter, Naples and Bayern are very interested in Conti, Milan in the summer of the transfer of Conti is bound to conduct a war.

Ade the whole dream fell ashamed of the Lord

18. května 2017 v 4:47
2016-17 season NBA playoffs (click Buy NBA 2K18 MT) continue, the Western Conference finals second, Golden State Warriors sits home to continue against San Antonio Spurs. The audience finished, the Spurs 100-136 big loss to the Warriors, the total score 0-2 behind. Spurs chief Alderidge play a downturn, the audience only 8 points 4 rebounds and 3 assists recorded.
5 days ago, Aldridge in the Western Conference semifinal 6 games cut 34 points, led the Spurs defeated the Rockets, into the West decided. It can be said that with the Rockets 6 semi-finals, completely help Adelaide to find the inspiration and self-confidence. And the fans naturally hope that he can play this strong, continued to the Western Conference finals.
But unfortunately, Adelaide was disappointing. West turn G1, despite his H-28 points and 8 rebounds, but in Leonard injury end, the warrior set off a critical moment of crazy counterattack, he did not come forward The last time, his strong basket also suffered a Durant cover.
It is not expected that, to the G2, Ade's state continues to decline. After the game opened, he was almost all sleepwalking. Inside to the ball is not active, attack desire is not strong. Occasionally catch the ball, do the action is also quite hesitant. Throughout the first section, Adelaide received a total of only 2 points by turning over the jump shot. Other time, he can only follow the rhythm of the warriors, at both ends of the stadium in vain to do the run back.
Sub-section, after adjustment, Ade's feel improved, this section, in addition to jumper, he can also score in the basket. However, in the middle of this section, Adelaide was humiliated at the defensive end. At that time, the Warriors teenager Mackay shot straight inside. Although Adelaide station in time, intends to interfere with the opponent, but McCaw is not in the eyes of this, he was in Adelaide's defense, a forced acceleration, just overtaking success, flashed the gap in the layup. Then, McCarth came into the ball into the ball, but also made Adelaide foul.
Also from the beginning of this round, Adelaide has just built up a little self-confidence, completely collapsed. Easy side, he became invisible people. Attack can not fight, defensive end is also absent-minded.
And as the only hope of the Spurs, Ade's lost, but also let the team completely lost the desire to recover points. So easy side, the Spurs lost more, a fiasco also came here!

Former champion Gove wants to bring the ram to success

17. května 2017 v 5:09
The Los Angeles Rams' strength training room is (click NHL 18 Coins) located on the east side of its training base, and California Lutheran University will open two training ground to provide training, and Gove will also appear there, the 2016th draft pick champion Jared - Almost every Friday morning will appear in these places. In the weekend with a group of 2017 rookie together, as a quarterback hard training themselves.

Jared - Gough spent a pretty bad rookie season, he was even considered by some to be another parallel champion, these things in his mind can not be worn, so in this offseason every working day he On time in the training field, although Geoff has been identified as the Los Angeles Rams starting quarterback, but he was extremely hard. He does not feel that he is different from other people, he studied the game video, learning tactics, doing pass training, sitting and other teammates the same thing, even the rookie will not be as hard as Gough. Gove's efforts were looked at by the ram's coaches, and they thought that Goff would get better.

"He wants to get better, he can do what we ask him to do, he is very hard every day, I think he is getting better.When training, Goff every day ahead of time and leave Late, his understanding of our offensive amazing, especially with our new players to work more harmonious, this is a transition period, but do well, and he mastered to a surprising point "Los Angeles Rams offensive coordination "Said Matt Rafael.

In the seven games played by Jared Gove last season, Geoff had only 54.6 percent passing pass and a 5.3-yard pass, and Geoff had only five passes but was copied Cut 7 times, only 22.2 quarterback score is 11 to 17 weeks last season, the fourth quarterback score second player. But in Jared - Geoff so efforts, is the so-called Tiandaochouqin, the new season Geoff may be able to change the fate of the ram.

Chicago bears and the Titans first round show brother signed

16. května 2017 v 4:51

This has the opportunity to choose the (go to Buy Madden 17 Coins) Illinois locals Corey Davis (Corey Davis) of the Chicago Bears this year to take a big risk up trade, the first round of the second pick off quarterback Michelle - Trubiski ( Mitchell Trubisky). Davis fell to the fifth after the Titan picked up.
But Illinois grew up with a Davis, who was the brother of the brother of the city of Torre Titus Davis. Titus signed with the Bears rookie camp after training. Unlike the infinitely younger brother, his brother came into the league in 2015 after lightning, jet and Bill were removed, but never got the chance to play in the regular season.
In order to make space for Davis, outside the Levante - Whitfield (Levonte Whitfield) was the Bears to give up (waive).

Transfer? Ali: Everything in the football world is possible

15. května 2017 v 5:04

Tottenham midfielder Ali said in (visit LOLGA.INC) an interview that the future anything can happen.

21-year-old Tottenham midfield Ali outstanding performance this season, he played 48 games in 21 games and 7 assists. Prior to the news that Real Madrid, Bayern and other teams are concerned about the name of the Tottenham star. After 2-1 win over Manchester United, Ali talked about the transfer rumors, "Everything else can happen in the future, but I do not think too much now, everything in football is possible."

Ali and Tottenham's current contract expires in 2022, he is in the transfer market worth about 40 million euros.

Playoff MVP vote open

13. května 2017 v 4:38
According to NHL official website (go to Buy NHL 17 Coins) NHL selection, Ottawa Senator Eric Eric - Carlson is currently arch the playoffs MVP (Conn Smythe Trophy) list.
It is arise that as of now Carlson accustomed a complete of 12 aboriginal vote in 10, a complete of 33 points. The playoffs so far Carlson played 12 amateur to get 13 credibility (two goals 11 assists), and the actual four teams afterwards apostle than Carlson's amphitheatre time (28 annual and 56 seconds) added The
Although there were two fractures on the larboard heel afore the alpha of the playoffs, Carlson kept the game. Under his leadership, the Ottawa playoffs all the way, the aboriginal annular of six to breach the Boston amber bear, the additional annular of six out of the New York Rangers, back 2007 afterwards a blooper of ten years afresh into the Eastern Conference finals. They will conductor in this Sunday with the Pittsburgh penguin east battle.
Anaheim Buick aggregation centermost Ryan - Gateslav accustomed two aboriginal ballots to 16 credibility in additional place. As the captain of the duckling Gates Slough with 15 credibility (8 goals 7 assists) in the row of penguin centermost Yevgeny - Malkin (18 points) and oil striker Lyon - Dresser (16 Points), the third abode in the playoffs. There is such a able annual performance, ducklings aswell auspiciously bankrupt into the allotment final, will be tomorrow and the predators for the aboriginal fight.
Nashville predators goalkeeper Peka - Rene to 13 credibility in third place. In the goalkeeper played added than 5 games, Renee averaged 1.37 goals and up to 95.1% of the angry amount of the first, alert accomplished with the oil goalkeeper Kam - Talbot angry for the aboriginal playoffs The Under the administration of such a aperture god, the predator aggregation history for the aboriginal time into the allotment final.
In addition, in the playoffs to alter the afflicted Matt - Murray as penguin goalkeeper Mark - Andre - Fleur accustomed 8 points, his assistant Markin and predator bouncer Ryan - Ellis anniversary accustomed To 1 point.
Note: Anniversary aborigine can accept three players, the aboriginal amateur to get three points, the additional two points, the third one point.
The after-effects of the playoff MVP accolade will be arise at the end of the Stanley Cup playoff, and the final candidates will be called by the able ice hockey writers' associations (newspapers, magazines and journalists).

Veteran running guard Christine - Michael visited the Patriots

12. května 2017 v 4:54

Before the Patriots have signed a (click Madden 18 Coins) number of runners in the free market, to enrich the Dion - Lewis (Dion Lewis) and James - White (James White) sits in the backcourt. But they still seem to be thirsty.
According to ESPN reporter, Christine - Christine (Christine Michael) US time on Tuesday to visit the Patriots. Michael earlier this month by the draft pick off three runners of the packer to terminate.
Michael last year in the Seahawks and Packers two teams campaign. He was once the number of sea hawks red ball and the number of red ball attempts, but Seahawks did not leave him.

Durant playoff score over Ray - Allen, rose to 31st history

9. května 2017 v 4:25

Today's playoff second round of the (click FIFA 17 Coins) Warriors away against Jazz, Warriors star Kevin - Durant currently played 13 minutes, 9 of 4 shots, get 10 points 3 rebounds and 2 assists

Plus 10 points, Durant playoff score reached 2752 points, more than former NBA player Ray - Allen, rose to 31st history.

Ranked in front of him is the former NBA player Patrick - Ewing, his career playoff total of 2813 points.

The game before the playoffs Durant played warriors on behalf of five games, averaging 32.4 minutes, get 24.4 points and 8.6 rebounds and 3.4 assists.

Bundesliga - Ribery assists Bernard to break the door

8. května 2017 v 4:53
2016-17 season, the Bundesliga 32 round (click LOLGA) of a contest, ahead of three rounds of Bayern Munich sits in the Allianz Arena 1-0 small squad leader Darmstadt, sent the latter directly downgrade. The first 18 minutes, Franck Ribery pass, Bernard closed the area Qiao made hand. The first 86 minutes, Stark saved the big Altintop's penalty.
League Battle of 31 rounds, Bayern 22 wins and 7 draws and 2 losses, into the 79 ball lost 17 goals, plot 73 points, ahead of three rounds to complete the defending; Darmstadt 7 wins, 3 draws and 21 losses, Plot 24 points, ranking the penultimate, there are 9 points away from the relegation zone. The last round of the league, Bayern away 6-0 runaway Wolfsburg, ahead of the win; Darmstadt home 3-0 victory over Freiburg, the league three straight to retain the last line relegation hope. History of the two teams played 8 times (7 Bundesliga, a German Cup), Bayern 7 wins and 1 level, into the 18 ball lost 5 goals, occupy a clear advantage. The first leg of the season grips, Bayern with the world wave of Costa, away 1-0 victory. Battle of Bayern for large-scale rotation, Stark, Rafinha, Bernard, Sanchez, Costa are the first opportunity.
The first 7 minutes, Kimi Greek corner pass door, Araba head angle is too positive, was the other goalkeeper Eisel poke. The first 10 minutes, Costa Rica bottom line near the end of the break through the small angle after the end of the small angle of the ball, the ball through the door. The first 15 minutes, Levin broke into the restricted area and Sulong occurred after physical contact fell to the ground, but the referee signaled the game to continue. The first 18 minutes, Franck Ribery left the ball pass the restricted area, Bernard hints homeopathic crossed a defensive player after the left foot outside the instep catapult score, 1-0, Bayern easily lead. Spanish defender scored second in the league.
26 minutes, Su Long header Gongmen higher than the beam. 1 minute later, Rafinha 45-degree pass on the right, Muller in front of the diving top of the other goalkeeper Serseier brave denied. 31 minutes, Francis Qi Zhise, Pratt closed the edge of the restricted area low shot, the ball through the door. 36 minutes, Costa Rica outside the restricted area outside the foot shot, the ball out of the column. Half of the end, Bayern a ball ahead.
The second half of the two sides easy side battles, the first 47 minutes, Bernard left the next pass, Levin door before the ball to fight the first point, to the ball by the other goalkeeper Essel easily get. 54 minutes, Rafinha on the right pass, Levin door dancing forward slightly over the top. The first 61 minutes, Xili ancient to prevent Sanchez breakthrough, tactical foul to eat after the opening of the first yellow card.
The first 63 minutes, Jensen corner kick the opportunity to use the corner kicked by Stark struggling to save. The first 65 minutes, the bench debut Plockock then Francis Qi scored a goal, but he was in the offside position, the goal is invalid. 67 minutes, Alonso debut, replaced Chimi Xi.
84 minutes, Xili ancient right after the cut after the shot was Stark brave saved. In the 85th minute, at the right side of the Plockock leaned on Bernard and turned into the restricted area, which was pushed down in the restricted area. Penalty! Darmstadt gets a valuable chance of a penalty. 86 minutes, the big Altintopu shot to the right side of the goal penalty by the Stark magic saved, Bayern escaped. 89 minutes, Bayern counterattack 4 dozen 1, Franck Ribery in close proximity shot hit the column pop. In the end, Bayern 1-0 home win over Dumstadt, the latter two ahead of relegation.
Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1): 22 - Stark / 13 - Rafinha, 17 - Boateng, 27 - Alabha, 18 - Bernard / 32 - Chimi (67 ' 14 - Alonso), 35 - Sangsis / 11 - Costa, 25 - Muller, 7 - Ribery / 9 - Levandovsky
Darmstadt (4-2-3-1): 31 - Ezer / 17 - Sili ancient, 26 - Jensen, 4 - Sulon, 32 - Holland / 36 - Camacho (80 '10 - Rosenthal), 34 - Great Altintop / 20 - Heile, 8 - Gondov, 6 - Franchech (66' 33 - Sam) / 19 - Pratt (58 '39-matlock

Pass Bayern interested crystal palace goalkeeper Mandanda

6. května 2017 v 4:40
Bayern Munich's goalkeeper Ulrich may (click FIFA 18 Coins) leave this summer, Bayern has been looking for the right substitutes, before Bayern has been with the number of goalkeepers are rumors. According to the latest news of the British media, Bayern fancy crystal palace goalkeeper Mandanda.

According to the British media "Croydon Advertiser" message, Bayern fancy crystal palace goalkeeper Mandanda, Bayern and Liverpool will compete with the French goalkeeper. At present Mandanda and Crystal Palace of the contract will expire in 2019, Bayern hope he can take over Ulrich as the team's goalkeeper.

Knight International player Chedi - Osman: want to go to the NBA to play

5. května 2017 v 4:37

In the European league this week, Knight International (click LOLGA) player Chedi - Osman where the Turkish team Anatolia Efes lost to Athens Olympiakos. In an interview after the game he said it could be his last game in the European league.

"I have my own goal, I want to play in the NBA," Osman said of the future of EuroHoops.net reporter said.

Oscar also told reporters that the recent knight general manager David - Griffin and the media (Fear the Sword) Q & A interview comment - "Ottoman's performance is very exciting, he is Tristan - Thompson that kind of Type of player "- let him feel very encouraged.

"I saw what he said," he told the reporter, "that made me very ... glad to see that, and his words were great to me and gave me great power.

Osman 22 years old, if all goes well, may be the best rookie rookie, next season he has the potential to enter the rotation lineup. Worsted, will also be in the development of the league's Dayton swordsman to exercise, and to LeBron - James and Richard - Jefferson learn how to lay the third place.

Harden career playoff three-pointers rose to 26th in history

4. května 2017 v 4:30

Today, the Rockets on the road (click Cheap NBA 2K18 MT) against the Spurs game is in progress, the rocket guard James - Harden has hit a record three-pointers, which recorded three-pointers to his career playoffs total three points hit a total of 162, Chasing Peja - Stojakovic ranked 26th in history.

Ranking in the 25th is Bruce - Bowen's 168 three-pointers.

D'Antoni: The Spurs will respond, they are championship

3. května 2017 v 4:33
Rockets coach Mike - D'Antoni today (click LOLGA) accepted the interview, the Rockets yesterday in the road big victory over the Spurs.

"Well, you know, they (the Spurs) will respond, they are championships, so you will expect them to respond, but I expect my players will match their response or play better performance "Said D'Antoni.

"There is no reason not to do so," he said. "We have not won anything so far. We have only won a game. This series will be very long. We know those clichés and we have to win three games." , It will not be easy, they know this, when you have the opportunity, can not be wasted.

"If we win it, then how, if lost, then how, the only important point is how to do next, we are almost like that mentality, these players are mature enough to deal with these, I look forward to They played a good performance. "D'Antoni said.

The second game will be in Beijing on May 4 morning 9:30 start.

Real Madrid VS Atletico looking forward: imitation of the right raid

2. května 2017 v 5:28

2016-17 season Champions League (visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins) semi-final battle of a focus campaign, the campaign Madrid derby will be staged in the Champions League knockout, Real Madrid town of Bernabeu stadium against Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid in the Champions League home has been very strong performance, the campaign also hope that at home to take three points, as the Madrid derby's top scorer, C Luo performance will directly affect the Madrid Derby war situation. It is worth mentioning that, with the C Luo against the right-back position of the current situation of the game rage, three right back can not play, which may be a major risk of Atletico.
Clash record
This will be the two clubs in the history of the war in the 8th battle, after Real Madrid made 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses, 10 goals lost 5 goals record. This is the two teams for four consecutive season in the Champions League knockout match, 2014 and 2016 Champions League final, Real Madrid are defeating the Madrid athletic championship, 2015 Champions League quarterfinals, Real Madrid two rounds of the total score 1-0 out of the horse The Two teams in the season of the two rounds of La Liga clash, Real Madrid home and the horse battle into 1-1, away 3-0 win over rivals Real Madrid. Real Madrid and other La Liga teams in the war in Europe a total of 20 times played against, Real Madrid 11 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses occupy an absolute advantage, Atletico in the war in Europe and the Spanish team also had 20 confrontation , Atletico scored only 8 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses record.
Aspect one: Real Madrid is expected to continue strong performance at home
Real Madrid this season in the Champions League also remain unbeaten, which made 4 wins and 1 level record at home, since the 2010-11 season, Real Madrid in the Champions League home 41 games made 35 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses record, Real Madrid Once lost at the Champions League also dating back to March 2015, when Real Madrid 3-4 lost to Schalke 04. In addition, Real Madrid in the last 35 games at the Champions League game field has a goal, which is the history of the Champions League home continuous scoring record of the most. Last Real Madrid at home in the Champions League was zero seal also dates back to April 2011, when Real Madrid 0-2 loss to Barcelona. Real Madrid is expected to continue strong performance at home.
Aspect II: C Roman de Reid
C Lo is the history of Madrid Derby's top scorer, since joining Real Madrid, C Luo on behalf of Real Madrid against Atletic's 27 games, scored a total of 18 goals, of which 14 balls in the game against the Simoni era of Atletico Scored in the 2011-12 season as well as this season's La Liga, C Lo have been in Madrid derby hat trick, in addition, C Lo in the Champions League knockout goal is higher than the Champions League group stage, in the past 65 Champions League Knockout game, C Luo field goals are 0.75 balls up to 0.71 goals in the group stage. C Lo play a good or bad will directly affect the Madrid derby's war situation.
Aspect three: contradictory big showdown
Real Madrid is the strongest attack this season, the Champions League team, so far, Real Madrid in the Champions League this season has scored 28 goals, since the 2015 Champions League semi-final away Manchester City 0-0 draw, Real Madrid events For 58 consecutive games have goals, scored a total of 158 balls, creating the Spanish team consecutive goals for the highest number of records. While the Atletico in the defensive performance even better, since the 2013-14 season, the Atletico Madrid in the last 46 games in the Champions League, of which there are 27 zero-zero opponents, during this period Atletico is the Champions League halftime most of the team. The game is sure to play in the Bernabeu Stadium defensive counterattack posture, and strive to lose the ball, Simone's team can resist the impact of Real Madrid attack group, we will wait and see.
Aspect 4: Ma Jing right back to the poor side of the road to kill the stars comeback
Last week's La Liga, Gimenez injured leave, will definitely be absent from the Madrid derby, this way, Atletico Madrid three right guard Juan Fulan, Fusari, Gimenes are injured, It is a very bad news, because the right-back right-footer, but Real Madrid left winger C Luo, the game Simoni had to send teenager Thomas or Lucas - Hernandez guest right back, this May become the game Atletico Madrid a major risk. For Atletico also has a good news, winger Carrasco campaign back, last season's Champions League final, Carrasco had once for the Atletico equalizer.
Prehistoric remarks
Zidane (Real Madrid coach): We are not optimistic about the team, this is a 50 to 50 contest, in the knockout everyone's strength is very close, we are very understanding of each other, since I was in the player era Began, and the atletic competition has not stopped, this is a capital of Madrid derby, we are very upset. This game we need to do all the things, if we can do so, then the next thing can only resign, and can enter the semi-final means that so far you have done a good job, but the game will Is a new duel.
Simoni (Atletica coach): I have been afraid before many games, I will own a person do not want to be disturbed by others, nervous mood is always (welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site https://www.lolga.com/fifa-18/fifa-18-coins) normal, you need to assume more and more responsibility, whether it is against What kind of opponent I will feel like this. Real Madrid will show their best status, just as they have been strong performance at home, they have Isaac, Hammis, Arsenio such players, can resort to a variety of different formation, they will be before The field continues to give us pressure, we need to be more tenacious, and as far as possible to keep calm, hope we can create their own space as much as possible to take advantage.
Injury report
Real Madrid: Pepe (injured), Bell (injured)
Atletico Madrid: Gimenes (injured), Fozario (scandal), Juan flan (injured)
Forecast starting
Real Madrid (4-2-3-1): 1 Navas / 2-kawahar, 5-Wallane, 4-Ramos, 12-Marcelo / 8-cros, 14- Miro, 19 - Modrić / 22 - Isaac, 9 - Benzema, 7 - Cristiano Ronaldo
Madrid Athletic (4-4-2): 13 - O'Brik / 19 - Lucas - Hernandez, 15 - Savage, 2 - Gordon, 3 Felice / 6 Cork, 14 - Gabi, 8 - sauer, 10 - Carrasco / 9 - Torres, 7 - Grezman