Ade the whole dream fell ashamed of the Lord

18. května 2017 v 4:47
2016-17 season NBA playoffs (click Buy NBA 2K18 MT) continue, the Western Conference finals second, Golden State Warriors sits home to continue against San Antonio Spurs. The audience finished, the Spurs 100-136 big loss to the Warriors, the total score 0-2 behind. Spurs chief Alderidge play a downturn, the audience only 8 points 4 rebounds and 3 assists recorded.
5 days ago, Aldridge in the Western Conference semifinal 6 games cut 34 points, led the Spurs defeated the Rockets, into the West decided. It can be said that with the Rockets 6 semi-finals, completely help Adelaide to find the inspiration and self-confidence. And the fans naturally hope that he can play this strong, continued to the Western Conference finals.
But unfortunately, Adelaide was disappointing. West turn G1, despite his H-28 points and 8 rebounds, but in Leonard injury end, the warrior set off a critical moment of crazy counterattack, he did not come forward The last time, his strong basket also suffered a Durant cover.
It is not expected that, to the G2, Ade's state continues to decline. After the game opened, he was almost all sleepwalking. Inside to the ball is not active, attack desire is not strong. Occasionally catch the ball, do the action is also quite hesitant. Throughout the first section, Adelaide received a total of only 2 points by turning over the jump shot. Other time, he can only follow the rhythm of the warriors, at both ends of the stadium in vain to do the run back.
Sub-section, after adjustment, Ade's feel improved, this section, in addition to jumper, he can also score in the basket. However, in the middle of this section, Adelaide was humiliated at the defensive end. At that time, the Warriors teenager Mackay shot straight inside. Although Adelaide station in time, intends to interfere with the opponent, but McCaw is not in the eyes of this, he was in Adelaide's defense, a forced acceleration, just overtaking success, flashed the gap in the layup. Then, McCarth came into the ball into the ball, but also made Adelaide foul.
Also from the beginning of this round, Adelaide has just built up a little self-confidence, completely collapsed. Easy side, he became invisible people. Attack can not fight, defensive end is also absent-minded.
And as the only hope of the Spurs, Ade's lost, but also let the team completely lost the desire to recover points. So easy side, the Spurs lost more, a fiasco also came here!

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