Bundesliga - Ribery assists Bernard to break the door

8. května 2017 v 4:53
2016-17 season, the Bundesliga 32 round (click LOLGA) of a contest, ahead of three rounds of Bayern Munich sits in the Allianz Arena 1-0 small squad leader Darmstadt, sent the latter directly downgrade. The first 18 minutes, Franck Ribery pass, Bernard closed the area Qiao made hand. The first 86 minutes, Stark saved the big Altintop's penalty.
League Battle of 31 rounds, Bayern 22 wins and 7 draws and 2 losses, into the 79 ball lost 17 goals, plot 73 points, ahead of three rounds to complete the defending; Darmstadt 7 wins, 3 draws and 21 losses, Plot 24 points, ranking the penultimate, there are 9 points away from the relegation zone. The last round of the league, Bayern away 6-0 runaway Wolfsburg, ahead of the win; Darmstadt home 3-0 victory over Freiburg, the league three straight to retain the last line relegation hope. History of the two teams played 8 times (7 Bundesliga, a German Cup), Bayern 7 wins and 1 level, into the 18 ball lost 5 goals, occupy a clear advantage. The first leg of the season grips, Bayern with the world wave of Costa, away 1-0 victory. Battle of Bayern for large-scale rotation, Stark, Rafinha, Bernard, Sanchez, Costa are the first opportunity.
The first 7 minutes, Kimi Greek corner pass door, Araba head angle is too positive, was the other goalkeeper Eisel poke. The first 10 minutes, Costa Rica bottom line near the end of the break through the small angle after the end of the small angle of the ball, the ball through the door. The first 15 minutes, Levin broke into the restricted area and Sulong occurred after physical contact fell to the ground, but the referee signaled the game to continue. The first 18 minutes, Franck Ribery left the ball pass the restricted area, Bernard hints homeopathic crossed a defensive player after the left foot outside the instep catapult score, 1-0, Bayern easily lead. Spanish defender scored second in the league.
26 minutes, Su Long header Gongmen higher than the beam. 1 minute later, Rafinha 45-degree pass on the right, Muller in front of the diving top of the other goalkeeper Serseier brave denied. 31 minutes, Francis Qi Zhise, Pratt closed the edge of the restricted area low shot, the ball through the door. 36 minutes, Costa Rica outside the restricted area outside the foot shot, the ball out of the column. Half of the end, Bayern a ball ahead.
The second half of the two sides easy side battles, the first 47 minutes, Bernard left the next pass, Levin door before the ball to fight the first point, to the ball by the other goalkeeper Essel easily get. 54 minutes, Rafinha on the right pass, Levin door dancing forward slightly over the top. The first 61 minutes, Xili ancient to prevent Sanchez breakthrough, tactical foul to eat after the opening of the first yellow card.
The first 63 minutes, Jensen corner kick the opportunity to use the corner kicked by Stark struggling to save. The first 65 minutes, the bench debut Plockock then Francis Qi scored a goal, but he was in the offside position, the goal is invalid. 67 minutes, Alonso debut, replaced Chimi Xi.
84 minutes, Xili ancient right after the cut after the shot was Stark brave saved. In the 85th minute, at the right side of the Plockock leaned on Bernard and turned into the restricted area, which was pushed down in the restricted area. Penalty! Darmstadt gets a valuable chance of a penalty. 86 minutes, the big Altintopu shot to the right side of the goal penalty by the Stark magic saved, Bayern escaped. 89 minutes, Bayern counterattack 4 dozen 1, Franck Ribery in close proximity shot hit the column pop. In the end, Bayern 1-0 home win over Dumstadt, the latter two ahead of relegation.
Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1): 22 - Stark / 13 - Rafinha, 17 - Boateng, 27 - Alabha, 18 - Bernard / 32 - Chimi (67 ' 14 - Alonso), 35 - Sangsis / 11 - Costa, 25 - Muller, 7 - Ribery / 9 - Levandovsky
Darmstadt (4-2-3-1): 31 - Ezer / 17 - Sili ancient, 26 - Jensen, 4 - Sulon, 32 - Holland / 36 - Camacho (80 '10 - Rosenthal), 34 - Great Altintop / 20 - Heile, 8 - Gondov, 6 - Franchech (66' 33 - Sam) / 19 - Pratt (58 '39-matlock

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