Former champion Gove wants to bring the ram to success

17. května 2017 v 5:09
The Los Angeles Rams' strength training room is (click NHL 18 Coins) located on the east side of its training base, and California Lutheran University will open two training ground to provide training, and Gove will also appear there, the 2016th draft pick champion Jared - Almost every Friday morning will appear in these places. In the weekend with a group of 2017 rookie together, as a quarterback hard training themselves.

Jared - Gough spent a pretty bad rookie season, he was even considered by some to be another parallel champion, these things in his mind can not be worn, so in this offseason every working day he On time in the training field, although Geoff has been identified as the Los Angeles Rams starting quarterback, but he was extremely hard. He does not feel that he is different from other people, he studied the game video, learning tactics, doing pass training, sitting and other teammates the same thing, even the rookie will not be as hard as Gough. Gove's efforts were looked at by the ram's coaches, and they thought that Goff would get better.

"He wants to get better, he can do what we ask him to do, he is very hard every day, I think he is getting better.When training, Goff every day ahead of time and leave Late, his understanding of our offensive amazing, especially with our new players to work more harmonious, this is a transition period, but do well, and he mastered to a surprising point "Los Angeles Rams offensive coordination "Said Matt Rafael.

In the seven games played by Jared Gove last season, Geoff had only 54.6 percent passing pass and a 5.3-yard pass, and Geoff had only five passes but was copied Cut 7 times, only 22.2 quarterback score is 11 to 17 weeks last season, the fourth quarterback score second player. But in Jared - Geoff so efforts, is the so-called Tiandaochouqin, the new season Geoff may be able to change the fate of the ram.

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