Knight International player Chedi - Osman: want to go to the NBA to play

5. května 2017 v 4:37

In the European league this week, Knight International (click LOLGA) player Chedi - Osman where the Turkish team Anatolia Efes lost to Athens Olympiakos. In an interview after the game he said it could be his last game in the European league.

"I have my own goal, I want to play in the NBA," Osman said of the future of reporter said.

Oscar also told reporters that the recent knight general manager David - Griffin and the media (Fear the Sword) Q & A interview comment - "Ottoman's performance is very exciting, he is Tristan - Thompson that kind of Type of player "- let him feel very encouraged.

"I saw what he said," he told the reporter, "that made me very ... glad to see that, and his words were great to me and gave me great power.

Osman 22 years old, if all goes well, may be the best rookie rookie, next season he has the potential to enter the rotation lineup. Worsted, will also be in the development of the league's Dayton swordsman to exercise, and to LeBron - James and Richard - Jefferson learn how to lay the third place.

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