Milan right back to reinforce the new goal

19. května 2017 v 4:22
Chinese businessman Li Yonghong acquired (visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins) Milan, the red and black army on the signings of the news also more up, a few days ago, the Italian media "Gazzetta dello Sport" gives the current high-level Milan brand next season, the main lineup, Mora, Mu Sarkio and other players are in the array. According to the Italian media "Italian football" the latest news, in the right back position, the Red Army took a fancy to this summer to leave Manchester City of Sabaleta, while Atlanta's right back Conte is very interested, it is worth mentioning Yes, Conti also received attention from Naples, Inter, Chelsea and Bayern.
Milan's right back there are Abate, Calabria two, and Desilio can also play this position, but Delixilio after the end of the season will be very likely to leave Milan to join Juventus, and Abate is currently injured In the body, and older, Calabria, although young and energetic, but its strength is not the team's high-level recognition, not only that, in the near future, the Turin will sign the news of Calabria The Therefore, Milan in the summer to find a right back is one of the preferred choice.
Manchester City right back Sabaleta in the previous few days has been announced after the end of the season to leave the team, although not reused in Manchester City, but the veteran has been the attention of many teams, and Milan is one of them. Sabaleta's defensive ability is excellent, and active, but also have some assists, more importantly, Sabaleta competition experience, which is Milan's fancy.
In addition to Sabaleta, the right defender from the Atlanta has also become the goal of Milan, the player can play right back and right midfield two positions, 23-year-old he showed amazing ability this season, the current Scored eight Serie A goals this season, and four assists.
It is reported that Milan has been linked with the Conti, and for its out of 17 million euros offer, but the offer can not convince Atlanta release, Atlanta has given the psychological price of 20 million euros. In addition to Milan, Chelsea, Inter, Naples and Bayern are very interested in Conti, Milan in the summer of the transfer of Conti is bound to conduct a war.

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