Old: hope that Real Madrid goals to help Barcelona win

20. května 2017 v 4:38

La Liga final round of Real Madrid (click FIFA 17 Coins) will be away against Malaga, as long as the loss of Galaxy warships can win the La Liga champion, the effectiveness of Malaga's old club Sandro said, hoping to use the goal to help Barcelona against the attack.
22-year-old Sandro this season in Malaga outstanding performance, he also by Atletico, Sevilla, Villarreal, Everton and other team's attention. In the previous club against Barcelona, ​​he also scored a goal.
When it comes to Malaga and Real Madrid, Sandro said: "I hope I can score to help Barcelona won the La Liga championship, because I have everything is Barcelona to me, so I hope Barcelona win, It 's all what I owe the club.
"After seven years in Las Palmas, Barcelona took me away, and I had a chance to go to Madrid, but Barcelona appreciated me more, and my father and I liked Barcelona.
In the previous goal against Barcelona, ​​Sandro had chosen to celebrate, which led him to a lot of infamy, Suarez more scolded him in the game, which Sandro explained: "I accept all the accusations, and no It 's so excited about the scoring, but I'm a Malaga player, and I want to do all for Malaga.

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