Real Madrid VS Atletico looking forward: imitation of the right raid

2. května 2017 v 5:28

2016-17 season Champions League (visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins) semi-final battle of a focus campaign, the campaign Madrid derby will be staged in the Champions League knockout, Real Madrid town of Bernabeu stadium against Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid in the Champions League home has been very strong performance, the campaign also hope that at home to take three points, as the Madrid derby's top scorer, C Luo performance will directly affect the Madrid Derby war situation. It is worth mentioning that, with the C Luo against the right-back position of the current situation of the game rage, three right back can not play, which may be a major risk of Atletico.
Clash record
This will be the two clubs in the history of the war in the 8th battle, after Real Madrid made 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses, 10 goals lost 5 goals record. This is the two teams for four consecutive season in the Champions League knockout match, 2014 and 2016 Champions League final, Real Madrid are defeating the Madrid athletic championship, 2015 Champions League quarterfinals, Real Madrid two rounds of the total score 1-0 out of the horse The Two teams in the season of the two rounds of La Liga clash, Real Madrid home and the horse battle into 1-1, away 3-0 win over rivals Real Madrid. Real Madrid and other La Liga teams in the war in Europe a total of 20 times played against, Real Madrid 11 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses occupy an absolute advantage, Atletico in the war in Europe and the Spanish team also had 20 confrontation , Atletico scored only 8 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses record.
Aspect one: Real Madrid is expected to continue strong performance at home
Real Madrid this season in the Champions League also remain unbeaten, which made 4 wins and 1 level record at home, since the 2010-11 season, Real Madrid in the Champions League home 41 games made 35 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses record, Real Madrid Once lost at the Champions League also dating back to March 2015, when Real Madrid 3-4 lost to Schalke 04. In addition, Real Madrid in the last 35 games at the Champions League game field has a goal, which is the history of the Champions League home continuous scoring record of the most. Last Real Madrid at home in the Champions League was zero seal also dates back to April 2011, when Real Madrid 0-2 loss to Barcelona. Real Madrid is expected to continue strong performance at home.
Aspect II: C Roman de Reid
C Lo is the history of Madrid Derby's top scorer, since joining Real Madrid, C Luo on behalf of Real Madrid against Atletic's 27 games, scored a total of 18 goals, of which 14 balls in the game against the Simoni era of Atletico Scored in the 2011-12 season as well as this season's La Liga, C Lo have been in Madrid derby hat trick, in addition, C Lo in the Champions League knockout goal is higher than the Champions League group stage, in the past 65 Champions League Knockout game, C Luo field goals are 0.75 balls up to 0.71 goals in the group stage. C Lo play a good or bad will directly affect the Madrid derby's war situation.
Aspect three: contradictory big showdown
Real Madrid is the strongest attack this season, the Champions League team, so far, Real Madrid in the Champions League this season has scored 28 goals, since the 2015 Champions League semi-final away Manchester City 0-0 draw, Real Madrid events For 58 consecutive games have goals, scored a total of 158 balls, creating the Spanish team consecutive goals for the highest number of records. While the Atletico in the defensive performance even better, since the 2013-14 season, the Atletico Madrid in the last 46 games in the Champions League, of which there are 27 zero-zero opponents, during this period Atletico is the Champions League halftime most of the team. The game is sure to play in the Bernabeu Stadium defensive counterattack posture, and strive to lose the ball, Simone's team can resist the impact of Real Madrid attack group, we will wait and see.
Aspect 4: Ma Jing right back to the poor side of the road to kill the stars comeback
Last week's La Liga, Gimenez injured leave, will definitely be absent from the Madrid derby, this way, Atletico Madrid three right guard Juan Fulan, Fusari, Gimenes are injured, It is a very bad news, because the right-back right-footer, but Real Madrid left winger C Luo, the game Simoni had to send teenager Thomas or Lucas - Hernandez guest right back, this May become the game Atletico Madrid a major risk. For Atletico also has a good news, winger Carrasco campaign back, last season's Champions League final, Carrasco had once for the Atletico equalizer.
Prehistoric remarks
Zidane (Real Madrid coach): We are not optimistic about the team, this is a 50 to 50 contest, in the knockout everyone's strength is very close, we are very understanding of each other, since I was in the player era Began, and the atletic competition has not stopped, this is a capital of Madrid derby, we are very upset. This game we need to do all the things, if we can do so, then the next thing can only resign, and can enter the semi-final means that so far you have done a good job, but the game will Is a new duel.
Simoni (Atletica coach): I have been afraid before many games, I will own a person do not want to be disturbed by others, nervous mood is always (welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site normal, you need to assume more and more responsibility, whether it is against What kind of opponent I will feel like this. Real Madrid will show their best status, just as they have been strong performance at home, they have Isaac, Hammis, Arsenio such players, can resort to a variety of different formation, they will be before The field continues to give us pressure, we need to be more tenacious, and as far as possible to keep calm, hope we can create their own space as much as possible to take advantage.
Injury report
Real Madrid: Pepe (injured), Bell (injured)
Atletico Madrid: Gimenes (injured), Fozario (scandal), Juan flan (injured)
Forecast starting
Real Madrid (4-2-3-1): 1 Navas / 2-kawahar, 5-Wallane, 4-Ramos, 12-Marcelo / 8-cros, 14- Miro, 19 - Modrić / 22 - Isaac, 9 - Benzema, 7 - Cristiano Ronaldo
Madrid Athletic (4-4-2): 13 - O'Brik / 19 - Lucas - Hernandez, 15 - Savage, 2 - Gordon, 3 Felice / 6 Cork, 14 - Gabi, 8 - sauer, 10 - Carrasco / 9 - Torres, 7 - Grezman

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