That absolution these groups run the qualifiers is super important

4. září 2017 v 3:48
Right now, Nexus is acerb focused on $150 3v3 tournaments to accord teams abounding befalling to convenance for the RLCS, and that bureau streams accept apparent appearances from attainable contenders like Renegades (ex-Selfless), Fibeon, and Hollywood Hammers Buy Rocket League Items. In contempo months, Nexus has aswell run a brace of abounding invitational contest with teams like G2, NRG and Rogue, and Lucas "kerrytaz" Travilla says to apprehend added of those alongside the weeklies.
As for their RLCS attainable qualifier on Aug. 19-20, kerrytaz promises "top-level production, our best casters apery us and some alarming carball." And he believes that absolution these groups run the qualifiers is "super important for the amphitheatre as a whole Cheap Rocket League Items. It shows us that Pysonix, the RLCS and Exhausted assurance us aboveboard to aftermath and run their a lot of important event."

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